“Costruzioni Meccaniche Scarpari” from Storo, Italy was founded more than 30 years ago, inserting since 1980 in the woodworking-technology sector patenting an absolutely innovation: MI-120, a cutting and sizing machine for timber pack that can ensure a high precision of cut with an accuracy of +/- 1 mm.

Since 1998 CMS puts on the market an innovative line for the production of blocks for pallets: MT-MA, the various models of this machine (standard, single, double) are characterized for the high hour production, simplicity of use, efficiency and allow to position three line of blocks at the same time on any type of cutting machine.

Since 2004 CMS begun the production of spare parts for its groups of cutting, including cutting chains, blades, pinions and rollins suitable also for other models. Particular design attention was applied to CUTTING CHAIN and to the innovative GUIDE BAR (blade) WITH INTERCHANGING INSERTS made with specific materials that ensure the long life and the high quality.

Since 2010, after the long experience gained with the customer contact, CMS started the production of machineries and lines for the NAILING of pallets, providing to the customers all the equipment and the machineries required for the production of pallet “ex novo”.

Our solid experience, the cost/performance ratio of our products and materials, the continuous technical and technological innovation, the timeliness of our assistance all over the world and the high versatility make CMS a sure and reliable partner able to support with expertise the customers requests.

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